About Me

If you curious about the person behind these pages, then please read on a bit further for an insight.

The work bit

I started my career in Sports Science and if the truth is known, I had no idea where it would take me.  I just pursued what I enjoyed, and life was to become a vocation.  Before this my ambition was fuelled by a gap year after school, during which I travelled and worked in Canada and Alaska before starting at University in Liverpool.

In my third and final year at Liverpool, I attended a lecture from a Chartered Physiotherapist. Because of this, I decided Physiotherapy could be the career for me.  As a result, I continued studying and qualified from Bath University three years later.

My career began as a Chartered Physiotherapist in Bournemouth.  After a few years in the NHS and private neurorehabilitation, I applied to join the British Army (Royal Army Medical Corps). I then spent ten happy years posted to various locations after attending Sandhurst, The Royal Military Academy.  As a result, I had incredible experiences in The Royal Military Tattoo, Headley Court, Norway, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Germany.  Above all, this was adventure mixed with some truly unforgettable life experiences. Some were euphoric and others deeply saddening.

After my Army career, it was time to settle in the North East of England with my wonderful wife and two children.  My family have supported me to continue my work in occupational health and well-being and now as the proud Managing Director of Newcastle Premier Health Limited.  Because of this more recent opportunity, I spend a lot of my time promoting and supporting the growth and development of our people.  This includes partnership work and a forward-looking strategy.  All of which aims to provide a great experience for our clients.

The work plug!

You can find out more about what we do at Newcastle Premier Health and NPH Life.  Recently, we have embraced the profession of network marketing.  This is arguably the profession of the 21st Century.  Our partnerships provide opportunities to access new and exciting health and well-being solutions in health innovative.

You can find more information at NPH Isagenix and ISO Bar Compression.  These embrace the latest clothing innovation and food science.  Besides these innovations, we are all about empowering people to make healthy choices.  We encourage best practice in the workplace, and we aim to promote happy employees where their health is concerned.

What motivates me?

My wife and two wonderful children are my rocks and make everything possible. Besides them, my greatest pleasure and motivation in life comes from experiencing good company. This is with friends and work colleagues, and from travel to Triathlon!

What do my friends say about me?

It isn’t easy facing up to personal quirks, and similarly I like to know what people really think.  This helps me to develop and become a better version of myself.  I have always believed learning to be a lifelong process. Fundamentally it provides the best opportunity for achieving success.  In the end, I hope people say I am a fun loving, energetic and a caring dreamer.  Here is what they have actually said….strong-minded, outgoing, sociable, resilient, honest, persistent, talkative. You decide!

What is this blog all about?

The idea of building an online presence was born out of a few midlife goals, namely, to get fit and become a bit more tech savvy.  I also wanted to share my experiences, which I hope might encourage others to follow up on their goals and passions too. The blog is my way of holding myself to account to experience new things, challenge myself and facilitate new interests. It is all about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable!

In conclusion, I enjoy new opportunities, continuous learning and sharing with others.  I have no idea where this latest adventure will take me at this stage in my life and career and that will be half the fun. Thanks for being here.

Current Personal Goal

IRONMAN Wales – 15th September 2019