Being different is healthy


Apologies for this indirect approach and many thanks for finding your way here.  You might relate to my story and I hope I can help you. If you do, please reach back.

I am passionate about what I have to share and really feel obligated to give you the chance to decide if the solution I have might be for you.  Currently I support doctors, health care professionals, accountants, an Olympian, amateur athletes, professional athletes, mums, dads and everyone in between.  There really is no type; we are all just real people wanting real results.


In my mid-forties, whilst in a busy corporate job, alongside a busy family life, I slipped into a poor and somewhat embarrassing state of health. I became another avoidable UK obesity statistic and fell out of love with exercise. It led to developing signs that suggested my personal health was at risk and I found it a struggle to find an easy solutions. I have always been so grateful for my health and wanted to look after it.


It was hard to change my mindset and fuel my body easily with the nutrition and the mental health it needed. I became what I ate and felt, and I didn’t even know it at the time. Life choices, excuses and time pressure took over and I accepted the ‘norms’ of a modern-day busy life and resigned myself to the status quo.  No amount of exercise seemed to help, because I couldn’t get my BMI and energy levels right.  Neither was I sleeping well and I had little energy to be present for my family or myself.


What I discovered and will be forever grateful to my PA for sharing with me, is not for everyone. It is however for many people; they just don’t know about it or really don’t understand it.

The opportunity enabled me to switch my monthly budget and direct it towards different quality food choices, which nourish me and now seriously support my health, mind and performance.  This is alongside ‘normal’ whole food evening meals and the usual occasional nights out or take way.  Yes, that is a possible.

It was exactly what I was looking for. Having lost 14kg, and I am now a passionate triathlete with big goals this year; first full IRONMAN on 15th September in Wales. I am also holding down a busy job as Managing Director of a fast-growing Occupational Health and Well-being business, where we also now support people with lifestyle choices and care plans using our solutions.


Because I now share what I have with friends, family, co-workers, and people I meet, most of my personal spend is now covered. For our main business, it simply generates a revenue stream as any other business selling solutions would. This is what I like to describe as ‘professional network sharing’. It creates a supportive community that provides genuine encouragement to all those who choose to follow up their lifestyle challenges using the solutions we have, and who often just want more from life.

Sharing evokes a mixed response because it is new, different and poorly understood in the UK. Really it is no different to recommending any other service to friends when you know they are great. Sometimes you will get a ‘recommend a friend’ payment or voucher from companies to say thanks.  It just has to be the right company at the right time with the right product and values.

What we have works like this but on more generous and rewarding basis. We share nutrition solutions which are backed by independent research and also come with a money back guarantee.


I have never been scared to be different, especially if it means finding affordable solutions to health and well-being needs, because I believe we all need a bit more help to make life choices easy.

Are you looking for the same? If you…

  • are you struggling to release weight?
  • want to easily maintain your weight?
  • need to sleep better?
  • get more energy?
  • improve your physical sport performance?
  • meet positive likeminded people?
  • access a free and very social support network?
  • be rewarded for achieving personal health goals that keep you accountable?
  • be more present for your family?

…then I would love to hear from you. I am in the business of health and well-being and believe passionately in what I can do to help you.  Message me if you would like to talk. If not, that is absolutely no problem and thank you in advance for reading this post and I wish you a truly healthy and happy life.


If you are curious and just want to know more at this stage, and want to take your time to discover what I have learned over the last two years, then reach out and I can help you access other people and helpful material to assist you in deciding on how to achieve your health goals and specific needs. For some people it is just about timing as it was for me….

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