Half way stage


I have now reached the half way point on my journey to IRONMAN Wales 2019. Yikes! Having made it this far I am feeling increasingly confident that it is within my grasp. The lesson has just been to keep chipping away, remain consistent and avoid excuses.  It would have been so easy just to find a reason not to do a training session.  Many people have asked me how do you find the time? Well the honest answer is I make time because it matters to me now more than it ever has.  If you are passionate about something, have a goal to succeed, it seems that writing it down and taking consistent action in the pockets of time is the key.  You can apply this to anything in life.


It is definitely my mindset that I have had to grapple with the most.   Alongside making sure commitments at home are met too, it is all about balance and choice.  I am very lucky to have a very supportive and caring wife and kids, and whilst they will often see what I do as ‘going out to play’, the meaning and purpose is much deeper!  My goal and plan has helped improve my physical and mental health, and gives me a reason and clear purpose to keep practising the art of staying focused and committed. In theory you can then give so much more back at home and work if you practice these skills. I also recognise the importance of well-being so much more these days.


A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to test any improvement in my first Sprint Tri of the season in Ponteland. I was very pleased with my time (1hr:14min), a healthy 10 min improvement on the same distance last year.  The 400m swim and 5km run were both solid enough, although and the bike still needs more effort; I always worry that I will over do it and blow out on the run. My next event is in Alnwick in one week, the home of Harry Potter.


The next few weeks will see me embark on a Build Phase as I approach the summer according to Training Peaks. The rides, runs and swims are getting longer. The idea of popping out for a half marathon training run was amusing to say the least 6 months ago, and now it is a common session each week!  Amazing how the body adapts if you give it time and allow opportunity for change.  Another metaphor for life I think. There is no doubt that my nutrition has been helped enormously by Isagenix; just love it so wont be changing this new found gem anytime soon.  The point being that if we feed ourselves well and keep challenging our mental and physical sate, things happen!


Watch this space for the results of the next event as I build towards my favourite middle distance of the season at Leeds ITU in June.  Always a good one because you get to see the professions do it all properly in the afternoon. I am getting more adventurous with Face Book Live too now, so you might see me pop up on there from time to time!  Let me know what you think and what you might like to have some insights into and I will do my best to start commenting. Just leave your comments and feedback.


Lastly for this blog, I want to make a big shout about the excellent customer service from Garmin last week. My trusted Garmin Forerunner 935, which I am wedded to, stopped recording altitude. It meant I could not record how many precious metres I climb on the bike or run up. Shock horror. They took me through the diagnostics, sent me the product return instructions and within five days I had a new watch with no gap in use. Thank you







  1. Ian H

    Another fab blog Mark! Keep it up and although I’ve only known you a few weeks and have only met on a handful of occasions, I’m proud of you!!

    1. Post
      Mark Philpott

      Thanks so much Ian. You are an inspiration to me too. Just the sort of positive ‘go getter’ that makes life fun despite its challenges. Thanks for you support and it is a pleasure to know you.

  2. Michael Ruff

    Good blog Mark, you’re finding the right balance between doing the thing you love without neglecting the ones you love. Training has taken me to places I would have never dreamed of! Enjoy and cherish the second half of your journey!

    1. Post
      Mark Philpott

      Thanks very much Michael. You have been a constant source of friendly encouragement at the pool too and I am looking forward to following your efforts this month in Lanzarote. Meeting people in the triathlon community is half the pleasure. I will have the IRONAMN App at the ready for your race. Good luck mate.

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