New Season New Goals


Apologies for not having been very consistent with posts, for anyone even slightly interested in following my exploits! Down season was just that! I’ll try harder.


Well, the triathlon training season in the UK is now truly underway. I have booked all my events for this year. I may have over committed and only time will tell if my enthusiasm this year gets the better of me.  Every new opportunity is one for personal development, growth and learning, so the results don’t really matter!  My social channels will try and capture progress if you are interested? The big goal is to make it back to IRONMAN Wales in Sep 2020 to have another go. I want to take an hour of my first attempt.  Just to spice things up I have entered the Great North Run at the end of the following week. This year, I am raising money for Whizz Kids. This is partly because I had a sister who passed away when she was young and didn’t have the opportunity to experience many things in life because of her disability. Whizz Kidz gives children suffering from serious terminal illness the chance to experience amazing things, that so many of us just take for granted. Thanks for your support if you can spare a pound or two. Links will follow.


I have done a lot of thinking over the down season.  It has been interesting to consider what Triathlon means to me and how it is helping me in many ways. That might sound a bit deep but how often do we really take time to think about why we do what we do and then consider the impact.

I have decided that I am still figuring it out and I don’t have all the answers yet. What I can tell you is that I have discovered a sense of personal fulfilment from learning, developing myself and achieving small steps towards just getting a bit better at something that feels like a passion. I have also huge gratitude for those around me who have helped me to make progress, appreciation for the friendships I have formed from leaning into a new community of like-minded people.


Sometimes we do things to achieve a goal and sometimes the goal just comes to us. During this mid stage in life it feels like some form of enlightenment.  The races I have done in the last few years have in a small way helped to expose more about me. Every mile you run, swim or ride has been a chance to draw strength and develop a greater sense of control.

Do we use these events, sports and goals to find inner strength, will, and determination to try things which make us uncomfortable? If we do, what is that about?


I heard someone say that today’s dawn is simply the start of tomorrow’s dawn and the goal is always just to do your best and be happy with whatever happens. It’s a good feeling and very liberating. So, whilst I am still figuring out what this season is all about, do follow me and if you like what I am trying to do, I hope you can take some inspiration too.


One thing is certain, I have found purpose and a real sense of personal fulfilment provided by the sport of Triathlon and related interests.  My growth and development in something I continue to embrace and enjoy. Besides this, it has been possible to positively influence and help others along the way to make a few changes in their lives to improve their health and well-being. Let’s hope this continues and who knows where it will all end up. Take action, it is the key, the result is just the outcome.

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