Personal belief

Experience new and get it done

At the end of this week, we took our daughter to the Erasmus University Open Day in Rotterdam. It is one of her choices for studying History.  The day provided an opportunity for a long weekend and some new experiences.  With the excitement at the end of the week, I still completed my training programme except for the long ride, which I deferred to my day off on Monday.

Promoting health and well-being?

My work colleagues and I held a second regional health and well-being event on the quayside in Newcastle this week.  We had speakers from local industry and education and presented to 72 people on a range of health and well-being issues.

I talked about the importance of leaders in business promoting a change of mindset. This supported the idea that employees can be helped to make better health choices ever day.  The suggestion was that it is less about relying on institutions, charities and the NHS for solutions to common health problems, and more about individuals promoting their own well-being.

Lacking belief

A common problem is a lack of personal belief and people accepting the status quo. It leads to bad habits which we entrench in choices and behaviours. This week I was able to ask two friends for their support. It helped to reinforce my belief and goals. It also reaffirmed my passion for triathlon and the value of having something to aim for.

Focus on your goals

Whether taking the first few steps towards a 5km Park Run, losing a few kilos, feeling mentally strong or trying to do an IRONMAN before the age of 50, depends on being true to yourself and your personal belief. We can achieve anything with consistency or certainly feel gratitude for our health whilst trying.

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