Set goals


Last year I set a friend of mine a challenge. It was to run her first Park Run. She was recovering from a nasty neck injury and I felt that having a goal to aim for would help her recovery process.


I went through something similar last year when I prolapsed a disc in my lower back. I was already keen on sport and exercise and understood its real value, but you can’t tell other people. They must discover it for themselves. A few supported goals along the way can help a lot.

I was delighted to receive a video, on What’s App, of my friend crossing the finish line today. She seemed full of the joys of spring. There was some understandable self-doubt before doing the run and by the end, she had done so much better than anticipated. It was a very proud and well-deserved moment.


I have now completed 10 weeks of my IRONMAN Wales training programme. The only way I have been able to make proper headway is by having goals and writing them down. It is the main reason for having this blog. It holds me to account, and I have since found pleasure in reflecting and committing thoughts to paper.


I have now committed to several small Triathlon events this year. They are all goals and will culminate in the Serpentine Swim in Hyde Park, London in Sep. It has become the recovery swim after the IRONMAN the week before!

Having made my commitments and paid my entry fees, it seems so much more likely that I will keep progressing this year. Certain levels of achievement seem even more possible.

I didn’t get selected for the ZWIFT Tri-Academy which was not unsurprising given they wanted 8 people from over 2000 applicants!

To compensate, I paid £10 and entered the Age Group category to be eligeable to qualify for GB Amateur Team at the Leeds ITU. How good would it be to represent your country as an Amateur in Edmonton, Canada? Who knows!

Probably won’t happen but if we don’t try, I know one thing for sure……it never will.  Are you setting your goals for this year?

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