What is your WHY?


I fell of my bike last Sun but thankfully only a few superficial cuts and bruises. I caught an edge of a road repair and couldn’t recover the front wheel in time! Didn’t make too much of a story out of the event and thankfully it therefore didn’t become much of a problem. Minor damage to bike and a dented ego only. I was one hour into a three-hour ride and was on my own. The choice was to hobble home (another hour) or carry on and complete the session (two more hours). I decided to carry on and the adrenaline did the job of keeping the discomfort at bay. It was another useful exercise is developing my mindset when faced with a choice. Carry on was the cry. I also managed the 20min treadmill run off the bike when I got home.


The following two days were not so pretty! I spent 48hrs hobbling around at work and home and took a 24hr rest. The pool swim on the Tue after a full day resting on Mon was a useful recovery session. The rest of the week was light recovery. On Sat I played catch up on two sessions and managed to do a Turbo session on the bike before the family got up, followed by Park Run, followed by a pm Swim. I went to Park Run with my daughter who volunteers and is always a smiley happy face to meet at the end. She often gives out the finish tokens. The swim had to be squeezed into an hour between 4-5pm.

My Dad is a regular at Park Run now too, and was pleased with his time and effort which was great. Oh, and my friend from the midlands did her second Park Run and took 1 min and 28 secs off last week’s time. That is mindset for you! A big well done to her again.

I met a friend at the pool who is one of my local inspirations. She has been awarded her GB colours at aged 60+ and competes in her age group. Amazing…

This week like many others to date just would not have been full of purpose or success if I didn’t have a WHY.


Three years ago, I discovered my passion for amateur Triathlon. Sometimes we can go through life without discovering the things that get us up in the morning. We become content with our routine and lose the desire to discover the things which mean something to us.


What changes that and makes us think differently? I was in my mid fourties, with responsibilities at home and work holding steady but something was lacking. I knew I needed to find something that gave me a reason to commit to my health and well-being. Up to this point in time, I was a yoyo exerciser and not terribly consistent with eating habits, and consequently never really excelled in sport, besides any other health concerns I had.  Then I was introduced to Isagenix by my former Personal Assistant and now good friend. Isagenix isn’t the reason behind this post but it was the trigger for my WHY. The two have just come together very naturally.


Very quickly, Isagenix has really helped me to get my health and performance back in check and now compliments my passion for Triathlon and life. I identified in this private family run global organisation which has big aspirations to impact world health and help free people of ‘physical and financial pain’. I now share this opportunity with friends and family and help them with their health goals too if they want it. For me the change presented real opportunities to understand my WHY.


It was put to me this week by an excellent life coach, that this question should be thought of as What Hurts You? Neat! Do we need to ask ourselves this question and does it help? Speaking for myself, it has created more focus and reasons to get me out of bed and keep motived and positive.


Some of my WHY might just be dreams, and others just help to provide more daily focus at work and at home. All have been helpful reasons for moving towards something purposeful. In the process, I am developing myself, discovering new things and meeting new people, all of which excites me.


Perhaps we should all take a bit of time out occasionally and ask ourselves ‘What is my WHY?’ Will you discover a new purpose or passion which will help you to pursue your dreams and aspirations and not drift? You never know where it might take you.

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